Layer 3 Solutions specializes in fibre optic cabling, we design and install fibre optic networks, be it a single uplink or large fibre to the home (FTTH) solutions.

To maintain our commitment to quality, all installations are done with the highest quality fibre and OTDR splice tests are submitted to the client. All of our fibre optic cables are clearly marked at each junction point to allow effortless maintenance, and detailed schematics are available on request. All installations have a one year warranty on faulty workmanship and certified sites have a manufacturers 20 year warranty.

Our Fibre Optic Cabling specialities include:

  • Fibre Uplinks

  • FTTH

  • FTTC

We offer the following fibre solutions:

  • Heavy Duty Duct (HDD) Fibre

  • Indoor Fibre

  • Corrugated Steel Tape (CST) Armoured Fibre

  • Breakout Fibre

  • Aerial Fibre