Why choose wireless communication systems?

Deploying any type of network securely is always challenging, wireless and telecommunication are no different. To protect valuable ad/or personal data against any potential attacks and hackers, it is important to follow proper security measures before and after implementing wireless networks in your home or workplace.

Things to consider when getting wireless communication systems:

  1. As communication is done through open space, it is less secure. Since wireless networks transmit data over air, there is always a possibility of data leak. So, higher levels of data encryption are absolute necessary in wireless networks.
  2. Unreliability - In practice it is not realistic to achieve 100% reliability in a wireless communication system. This is however possible in theory.
  3. More open to interference.
  4. Increased chance of jamming - Jamming in wireless networks is defined as the disruption of existing wireless communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio at receiver sides through the transmission of interfering wireless signals.
  5. Transmission speed is comparably less.

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